Jasoe Sharpe, EdD

Jasoe Sharpe, EdD

Educational Consultant

Dr. Jasoe Sharpe is an International independent educational consultant who specializes in building the capacity of future-focused learning teams. She strives to foster an understanding of the connections and interplay between technology, pedagogy, and curriculum, and the process changes necessary to shift the focus from teaching to learning. Through hands-on, learning-centered and job-embedded experiences, Dr. Sharpe works side by side with K-12 students, teachers and administrators to re-examine deeply held beliefs and patterns of teaching and learning. She has extensive experience teaching in elementary and middle school, and facilitates domestic and international workshops centered on the development of innovative practices that support both national standards and local visions.

Dr. Sharpe is an educator who has been in the field of education for over ten years.  During this time, she has helped and molded children in the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China.  Her experience in the classroom in both America and internationally has helped develop her skills in managing people of diverse populations.   She also has a deep knowledge of planning and implementing a developmental and age appropriate curriculum.  Her strong communication, problem solving, priority setting skills has also been a pillar for student teachers, new teachers and even experienced teachers.

In 2006, Dr. Sharpe earned her Masters of Arts Degree in Teaching from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  Although she was passionate about working with children, She realized the limitations of her ability to be an agent of change in education due to the constraint of mainly concentrating her focus within the four walls of her classroom. This desire for more influence in improving education propelled her to further her studies and complete her doctorate in organizational leadership with emphasis on school reform.  In 2014, she obtained her Doctor of Education Degree from the Argosy University Sarasota.  

Dr. Sharpe’s doctoral study was focused on examining the different strategies that leaders have implemented in attempt of educational reform. She evaluated the strategies (policies, resources, teachers’ readiness, methods of implementation and leadership) that have shown to be the most successful in assisting educational reform.  It was during her study that she realized the pendulum effect to educational reform.  

Presently, Dr. Sharpe is an independent Educational Consultant with Time To Teach Center for Teaching Effectiveness.   This certified opportunity as an educational consultant allows her to work with teachers, schools and districts, training them on strategies that would lead to academic achievements. There are two parts to this training: Classroom Management and Students’ Engagement and Motivation.  The classroom management aspect has been proven to eliminate 90% of the behavior problems that hinder valuable teaching time.  The students’ engagement and motivation training provides educators with strategies that stimulate the academic interest of students through lessons that are meaningful and relevant.  With the Time to Teach program, schools and districts can be assured of an end to the pendulum effect to reforming their schools and achieve academically.

  • Educational Consultant
  • Certified Trainer
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Student Engagement and Motivation
  • Former Auditor
  • Successful Teacher in the US and Internationally
  • Doctor of Education